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Last update: December 21st, 2022.


1. General Background


1.1 Application area of these Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions regulate the access and use of, hereinafter the "platform", and are part of all acts and contracts that are executed or entered into through this platform between Users and Cencosud Shopping S.A. Rut 76.433.310-1, hereinafter Cencosud Shopping.


1.2 Services provided by the Platform


The platform allows Users to find out about the characteristics, schedules and conditions of use of Sky Costanera services, and to buy tickets online in a simple, fast and secure way, just by following the instructions on the screen and the steps that we inform you about in these Terms and Conditions.


1.3 Conditions of Use of the Platform


The use of the platform is free and to navigate in it the User does not require previous registration.


Depending on the type of activity carried out by the User on the platform, a distinction can be made between:

(i) The User browsing as a Guest, who will not require any registration to browse and will have access to the information published on the platform; and

(ii) The registered user who has a personal account created through the platform, associated with the email that they have registered for this purpose and an accessory key that the platform will assign to them.


The User can register by entering a Gmail email, authorizing the platform to access it. Once authorized, the registration form will be displayed where the User can enter his name and last name, email, country of residence and a password chosen by them; and prior to accepting the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, the form can be sent.

The access code or password chosen by the user will be private, secret, for the exclusive use of its owner, and will remain in the exclusive custody of the User. Registration is free. Each time the Terms and Conditions are updated, the user or client must again express their acceptance and consent.


1.4. Legal capacity of the buyer or contractor of the services.


The services of this platform are only available to those Users who have the legal capacity to contract, as provided by the current legislation. If a User does not have the legal capacity to contract, they must refrain from using the services and the offeror might, at any time, temporarily or permanently, suspend the participation of Users who are found to lack the legal capacity to use the services offered in the site or when registering they provide information that is false, inaccurate or fraudulent.


1.5 Warning of the binding effect of the Terms and Conditions.


Upon acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, they shall be mandatory and binding.


2. Promotions - Offers - Benefits.


The conditions of the offers, promotions and benefits may be communicated through the platform, without prejudice to the fact that some are, additionally, informed to the registered Users to the email that they have informed at the time of registration, unless they have exercised your right to oppose receiving advertising messages established in article 28 B of Law 19.496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights.


3. Claims – Jurisdiction



To submit claims regarding actions executed or held through this platform, the User can contact our Customer Service at or by phone +56229169269


Controversies that arise in relation to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions may be filed, at the consumer's choice, before the local police court corresponding to their domicile or the supplier's domicile. Without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts of justice for other types of matters. All of the above, according to article 50 A of Law 19.496.


4. Representatives


The quality of legal representative of the platform corresponds to Mr. Ricardo González Novoa, with address for these purposes at Av. Kennedy 9001, 4th floor, Las Condes.


II. Particular Conditions


1. Access Tickets to Sky Costanera.


1. Important Information: Please read before buying your ticket: Admission to the facilities is not recommended for pregnant women, people with heart disease, people who experience or may experience alterations to blood pressure, or who present other conditions, diagnosed or not, that cause or could cause risks to your health and physical integrity, such as vertigo, panic attacks, anguish attacks, etc. If you experience or suspect that you might experience any of these conditions, we would appreciate it if you refrain from entering for your safety and that of other users.


2. The User may purchase, through the platform, tickets to access Sky Costanera by entering the section identified therein for this purpose, where they may choose between buying and paying immediately or reserving by paying later. Once you have made your choice, you can also, within the available dates and times reported on the platform, select the date, time and number of tickets you want for adults or children.


3. It is reported that for the purposes provided in these Terms and Conditions and Sky Costanera, minors are understood to be girls and boys between the ages of 5 and 12, both ages inclusive. Children under 5 years of age do not pay admission, and children over 13 pay admission at the adult price.


4. Once the choice has been made, the User will see a virtual image of the ticket on the platform, where he can verify, before paying, that it has been issued for the date, time, number and type of tickets chosen. The User will then be able to add their tickets to the cart and make the payment without having to log in. If you prefer to log in, you can log in from any device through the email of your choice, Apple, Google or Facebook.

If you have decided to pay for your tickets without logging in, the platform will ask you to enter your first and last name, email, country of residence and phone number in a form that will be displayed on the screen. Once the data has been registered, the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy have been accepted, you can make the payment using the accepted means of payment with registration on the platform.


Once the purchase is confirmed, the User will receive their tickets to the email that they had informed at the time of registering or making the purchase request.


3. This ticket is valid for the place, date and time indicated on the front and will allow the bearer access to Sky Costanera.


4. All Users who wish to access Sky Costanera must comply with the following conditions. If you do not agree with these conditions, we suggest refraining from buying tickets or requesting access to Sky Costanera.


The conditions are:


4.1. Allow Sky Costanera staff to carry out a security review. This will be carried out in full compliance with the rules of article 15 of Law 19,496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights. No person who has undergone the security review will be able to access Sky Costanera.


4.2. Access or attempted access is prohibited to the User who:


a. Carry, consume or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics in general;


b. Carry weapons of any kind or other risky items for the health and integrity of people such as lighters, glass bottles and flammable substances;


c. Has a risky, reckless conduct, contrary to morality, good customs or public order in the facilities.


4.3. The User must ensure and preserve the integrity and legibility of the ticket, avoiding its deterioration and exposure to the sun or any source of heat so as not to damage the ticket thermal printing. This ticket may be requested by Sky Costanera personnel both for access and during the duration of your visit.


4.4. Minors under 12 years of age or less may not enter Sky Costanera except in the company of an adult, the latter, who will be responsible for their conduct inside the establishment.


4.5. No photographs may be taken for commercial or advertising purposes, but only for private and personal use. Any commercial or advertising use is not authorized by Cencosud Shopping S.A. and will give rise to the exercise of legal and judicial actions that may be pertinent.


4.6. While the ticket is valid and has not been used, the User may request a refund of the purchase from the platform, until the 59th minute after the time indicated on the ticket as the time of the visit to Sky Costanera del the same day. As an example: If the ticket indicated a visit for 3:00 p.m., a refund can be requested until 3:59 p.m. of the same day). After this period, the tickets are considered expired and will not be refundable.

Any refund that is agreed and authorized will be made directly to the same means of payment used for the purchase. In the case of credit cards, once the charge has been cancelled, the refund is made to the same card through the reverse or credit that the issuer of the means of payment must inform and reflect in the account statement following or subsequent to the date of cancellation of the charge.


4.8. Tickets are not endorsable, nor do they admit changes or modifications. The foregoing, except in exceptional cases that, duly justified by the User, may warrant it.


5. The validity of the ticket may be postponed by the administration of Sky Costanera when necessary due to the occurrence of fortuitous cases, force majeure or security reasons, in which event, this circumstance and the new dates will be announced to the public within which the bearer can access Sky Costanera.


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