Accessibility seeks that all people who are users of a website can navigate and interact, regardless of whether or not they have some degree of disability.


At Mi Mall we have taken care that our terms and conditions meet the minimum requirements recommended by the National Disability Service (Senadis) based on the standards delivered by the World Wide Web consortium in its Accessibility Guidelines for Web Content (WCAG) 2.0.



Letter size


The font on this page has relative dimensions, so people can control the sizes with the controls enabled.






We enabled an option with higher contrast to improve the readability of the texts for people who may need it.


Screen readers

We took care to enable the use of screen readers and integrated keyboard navigation elements so that people can use it through a screen reader. In order to use it, you must download an extension or install Screen Reader software. Some free examples you can use are:



  • · NVDA (for Windows)
  • · VoiceOver (integrated in Apple devices)
  • · Screen reader (Google Chrome extension)


On cell phones, you just have to go to the settings and activate the option of VoiceOver on iOS devices or TalkBack on Android.